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New Generation Health Services: Doctor Appointments Become Online



The COVID-19 pandemic, which started in Wuhan, China and spread rapidly to the world, brought many concepts to our lives such as complete closure, quarantine, working from home, social distance. While many sectors gained significant momentum in the field of digitalization during the epidemic period, the health sector was one of the areas where these developments were most seen.  While the market volume of the digital health sector worldwide reached $ 100 billion in 2019, this figure is expected to rise 6 times by 2026. According to experts, health investments shaped by the digitalization process in the coming years lay the foundations of the health sector of the future.

Health Service and Counseling Service

While countries are doing research to carry out their own vaccination programs, on the other hand, studies on digitalized health services are gaining momentum.  Digital health applications are regarded as both a healthcare service and an information service.  The number of start-ups operating in the field of digital health is also increasing worldwide.  The countries with the most start-ups in this field are the USA, China, UK, France, and Canada.


Tolga T. Tuncer

Health and Technology Collaboration

Tele health, online doctor consultancy services, online patient follow-up are among the rapidly rising trends in Turkey.  Underlining that they aim to establish a pioneering health-technology ecosystem by establishing strong cooperation with Güven Future in this regard, Cerebrum Tech Founder Dr.  R. Erdem Erkul said, “We see that telehealth services have increased with the pandemic.  People are afraid of being in a hospital setting, but they can also suffer from many chronic diseases that require constant follow-up. At this point, we are able to offer digital transformation services to doctors, health institutions, and organizations in Turkey with the strong cooperation structure we have made with Güven Future.  One of the most important issues in this field is the protection of personal data and the provision of quality consultancy services.  We have developed and continue to develop products that will make a great impact in this field.”


Dr.  R. Erdem Erkul

Güven Future General Manager Tolga T. Tuncer said, “With the solutions, we have developed in the field of health informatics and digital health, we are taking important steps in providing easily accessible and low-cost healthcare services to people.  We have gained significant experience with an active infrastructure in ‘Online Doctor’ for about a year.  Data security and patient privacy are our top priorities.  Soon, we will continue to achieve outstanding solutions in this field with chronic disease follow-up and artificial intelligence-supported diagnosis services.  We believe that the cooperation with Cerebrum Tech will accelerate the access of individuals and institutions to digital health services by creating new opportunities at home and abroad.”, emphasizing the development of healthcare services with online doctor service.